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 Jake the Boxer

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Jake the Boxer
Jake the Boxer

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PostSubject: Jake the Boxer   Jake the Boxer Icon_minitimeSun Jun 09, 2013 8:18 pm

Age:5 months
Breed:The boxer
Appearence:white boxer with brown spots and floppy ears and gentle and warm brown eyes
Mate&Pups:none but wants some
Pack and Rank wanted:Apprentice of the Pack of freezing ice
Personality:Playful and loving and likes a certain pup in the Pack but he can't tell her that!!!
History:dumped by his mother at age 2 months,young Jake survived and made his way to the Pack's territorty.
Other:likes to play with moss and is a hardcore fighter.
Roleplay Sample:"Mother!Mother!Help me Mother!I'm going to fallllll!!!!"
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Jake the Boxer
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